• James 5:7-12
  • Swindoll’s Living Insights: “James”
    • Real Faith Produces Genuine Patience: Pages 111–112 
    • Patience In Suffering: Vs. 5:7–12 (Pages 112–121)


  1. In the first four verses, you hear the urgency in James’ words in being patient.  What is James first asking the people to be patient about?  Why did he ask this?
  2. Name what the subsequent two mentions of being “patient” are about.  Elaborate as to why he is asking this of the people.
  3. What is the analogy that James uses in verse 7?  How would you be able to apply this to your life?
  4. In verses 10–11, who is James writing to and why is he writing to them?
  5. James mentions the sufferings of the prophets who spoke in the Name of the Lord.  He then mentions a biblical figure who suffered and persevered.  Who was He?
  6. Give the name of a prophet who suffered.  What did that prophet suffer and how did he overcome?
  7. In verse 11, James states that those who persevere through their sufferings will be blessed.  What does he mean by that?  What are the results of being blessed?
  8. What types of sufferings have you experienced because of your faith?
  9. Is swearing a bad thing to do?  Explain your response.
  10. What is James teaching the church about swearing?  

After you have emailed the responses to the questions, finish the week by writing a two 

paragraph reflection on your first session/week.  Email me your reflection.  


Your reflection should include the following:

• What you learned

• How your spiritual life has been impacted by this study

• How you will apply what you’ve learned