Defeating The King of Pride

What can stop the power of the Holy Spirit? It is the spirit of pride! Leviathan, the king of pride, lurks below the surface, influencing you without you even knowing. Once that twisting spirit gets in you, it’s almost impossible to pull it out without God’s help. But this ruling spirit will wipe you out if you don’t get rid of it.  If you want to experience a move of the Holy Spirit, you must get rid of pride.

Small Talk From Angels Part 2

You may be saying to yourself, “I’ll be faithful when I really make it. I'm going to be the hardest worker when God raises me up.” That's not how the kingdom works. Kingdom mentality is, “If you're not faithful with little stuff, you can't be trusted with big stuff.” So quit comparing yourself to other people who appear more blessed. You don't know where they started.  Most likely, they were honoring God with what they had. So, if you'll do the same, God will do the same for you.