• James 1:1-12
  • Swindoll’s Living Insights: “James”
    • Introduction: Pages 1-15
    • Real Faith Produces Genuine Stability: Pages 16-18
    • Trials of Life (Vs. 1:1-12): Pages 18-26  



1.  Who was James’ audience and why was he writing to them? 

2.  How does James view the trials we face and how do they affect our faith?

3.  Provide a short summary of the three results stemming from the testing of your faith. 

4.  In the first 4 verses of chapter 1, James uses three specific commands (consider

     know, let).  Write a brief summary as to each and include how they benefit your spiritual 


5.  When solutions to our trials appear to be beyond reach, James provides two key

      principles as to how we are to come before God.  Write a brief summary as to each

     (See vs. 5-8).

6.  Doubt is the opposite of Faith.  Provide a brief summary as to how doubt can hurt your 

     testimony (See vs. 5-8 and use your book).  

7.  How does James describe the result of enduring life’s trials?


Email the answers to your questions to me at: [email protected]

After you have emailed the responses to the questions, finish the week by writing a two 

paragraph reflection on your first session/week.  Email me your reflection.  


Your reflection should include the following:

• What you learned

• How your spiritual life has been impacted by this study

• How you will apply what you’ve learned


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