• James 4:11-17; 5:1-6
  • Swindoll’s Living Insights: “James”
    • Real Faith Produces Genuine Humility: Pages 95–110 
    • The Perils of Playing God: Vs. 4:11-17 (Pages 95–104)
    • Warnings To The Wealthy: Vs. 5:1–6 (Pages 104–110)


  1. Why does James stress the importance of ever speaking evil against one another?
  2. What are the spiritual consequences of speaking evil against one another?  Where does God fit in to this kind of behavior? 
  3. The sinful activity of putting someone down can tear down the self-esteem, the enthusiasm, and character of one’s life.  God has called us to do the opposite. Provide the following scripture(s) that describe that opposite. 
  4. James makes reference to a behavior called “arrogance.”  Define how arrogance plays out in the life of a believer.  What are the dangers of that arrogance?
  5. Is it arrogant to declare or initiate your plans without first saying, “If the Lord wills?”
  6. Should God’s will always be at the center of what we ask or do?  Explain in a short paragraph your response.
  7. What value do we get from reminding ourselves that our plans ultimately depend on God?  Does that change what we do, or how we do it?
  8. What’s the point of making long-range plans if you don’t know what tomorrow will bring?
  9. How does it make you feel to be compared to “a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes”?  Does it make you feel insignificant, or does it does it encourage you to live in the now, or something else?
  10. Verse 4:17, is directed to believers.  What this verse means?  How would you apply it to your life?  
  11. In the first 6 verses of chapter 5, James addresses a group of people.  Who is he addressing?  What is he predicting for them?
  12. In James 5:1, what’s the first thing James wants the “rich” people to do? 


  1. How do you think this compares with their current attitude? (Do they spend a lot of time “weeping and howling”?) 
  2. Where are you storing your treasure?  
  3. Can you be sure that in the way you store your treasure, you are seeking first the kingdom of God?  

After you have emailed the responses to the questions, finish the week by writing a two 

paragraph reflection on your first session/week.  Email me your reflection.  


Your reflection should include the following:

• What you learned

• How your spiritual life has been impacted by this study

• How you will apply what you’ve learned


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