Connection Questions

February 16, 2019

Youth for Tomorrow Special


Matthew 19:14; Matthew 25:40


Youth for Tomorrow has been bringing world-class treatment and care to at-risk children for more than 30 years. Their dedication to excellence is unquestionable. Their dedication to the message of Jesus is unwavering. They are fighting for our children and, with God’s help, they are winning.


Key Points
1.    Our families, our youth, and our children are under attack.
2.    Many children live without parenting, without knowing God, and without healthy values.
3.    At-risk children may develop issues such as drug or alcohol abuse, criminal behavior, mental health issues, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, or even human trafficking.
4.    Youth for Tomorrow gives at-risk children a safe place to live, staffed with loving adults.
5.    Youth for Tomorrow surrounds children in the Word of God and leans into the Holy Spirit throughout the transformation process.


Connection Questions
1.    What are some of the difficult issues children face today?
2.    In what ways are children at Youth for Tomorrow exposed to the Gospel?
3.    How can we help with the mission of Youth for Tomorrow?
4.    Read Matthew 25:40. How does this verse apply to the work at Youth for Tomorrow?

Final Thoughts
A hero is someone who is admired for having done something brave and achieved something great. Youth for Tomorrow is filled with heroes. They bravely reach out to children who have been beaten down and messed up by unfortunate events in their lives. And, through God’s power and love, they do whatever it takes to see these children become healed and whole.


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