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March 6, 2020

Acres of Diamonds, Part 2

Is there anything too hard for God? You don’t have to walk away from where you are to find God’s best for your life. If you are where God has placed you, He can do amazing things right there! If God gave you a place to serve or be planted, don’t uproot unless you are certain God said to go. Don’t spend your time and your focus looking “out there somewhere” for what comes next in your life. Indecision will keep you from your promise. All you need is a four-letter word in this season of your life—S T A Y.


Key Scripture

Jeremiah 32:25; Jude 1:13; Proverbs 23:23; Acts 7:55; John 19:26


Key Points

1. Buy your field—don’t sell. Plant where you are. Your ship is coming in (your dreams and aspirations). You are about to move from the asking side to the receiving side.

2. The key to victory is proper placement. Plant where you have been assigned, so you don’t miss your blessing and your assignment when your ship comes in.

3. Blessings follow a fixed star. If your ministry is going to be useful to the kingdom, you can’t be a wandering star. Burn bright where you are and stay fixed so that others can find you.

4. When it looks like it’s not happening, it’s about to happen. When others are selling, that’s the time to buy. Stay ready when others are giving up. Buy that field rather than renting it. It may be dark for a few days, but don’t stop holding on. Just stay where you are.

5. Buy the truth when everyone else is selling. When everyone else is selling out, the blessing is reserved for the remnant. Believe God’s truths for your life and for the dream God gave you.

6. Buy the book of Acts and believe for miracles. Don’t compromise your daily devotion to God for a life of easy beliefs. The gifts of the Spirit are as real today as they have ever been

7. Buy into sacrifice. Church is not all about you and neither is your service to the Lord. Buy in to attending church. Buy in to tithing. Buy in to serving and giving your life. Buy in to extravagant worship. Your worship is the sound of freedom!

8. Don’t sell your worship. The more God has done for you, the more you need to shout your praise! Don’t become so intellectual that you lose the wonder of your salvation and your joy and your gratitude. Worship will never run anyone out of your life … that you need.

9. Stand and fight for what matters most in your life. Stand your ground for your family and your call and your purpose. If you will stand up and be counted for Jesus, He will stand up for you.

10. You must be present to win. Showing up and being fully present is all that is required to receive your victory.


Final Thoughts

Too many people show up on game day, but do not show up for practice. Keep pushing through the quitting points to your victory. God told 500 people to go to the upper room but only 120 showed up. Keep showing up. Keep practicing. Keep doing the right things. Stay where God has planted you with great confidence that your ship is about to come in. Faithful people always land on their feet. They always win in the end. God always restores what has been lost. Buy that field, and do not sell.


If you will just stand where He has placed you, when the King comes through, He will acknowledge you. Greater people than you have fallen, greater than you have quit, but you are still here—stand. Simon of Cyrene was chosen to carry Jesus’ cross simply because he was there. Trust the Lord for where He has you today and simply stand immovable and filled with faith that the Lord sees you and that your ship is about to come in.



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