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July 4, 2021

God's Promise for Broken Families

A word from the Lord can change everything in your life. Ask Him to speak to you. Pray to Him and ask your questions and make your needs known. This passage in Matthew is about the birth of Christ—but while there is great joy over Jesus, there is also incredible sorrow. Mothers were separated from their children. Mothers all over the land were weeping as every male child under the age of two was murdered. This actually happened three times in scripture: Genesis 35, II Kings 24, and the passage in Matthew 2. These tragic situations changed the course of each family forever. “Rachel heard weeping for her children, for they are no more.” This is exactly what Satan is doing in our younger generation today as he is trying to pry our children from our lives and lead them away captive.


Key Scripture: Matthew 2:16-18; Genesis 35; Jeremiah 31:15-19; Acts 9:6


Key Points:
1. Satan is attempting to destroy an entire generation of children in THIS hour. He is coming through every one of our homes targeting our children and their children.

2. Chains are on this generation just like those generations. Addictions, persuasions, idolatry, gender confusion, and more. Marriages are under attack leaving sons and daughters in their wake.

3. Satan is kidnapping their anointings and their skills and their callings. Satan is attempting to rob them of their purpose.


But There is Good News:

1. We are going to see our families come back to everything they have been raised in. Everything we have done to raise our children in the Lord will prevail in the end.

2. Our work will be rewarded. When they are older, grace is going to catch up with them; mercy will catch up to them.

3. They shall come back from the land of the enemy. It may take some time, but they WILL return.

4. There is HOPE. The scriptures declare over and over that our children will return.

5. This is a job for Jesus. We can use counseling and psychology, but in the end, only Jesus can break these kinds of chains. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.


We must teach our children:

1. God has different expectations for you who have heard the Word of the Lord. You are different. You were given to the Lord at an early age.

2. There is a Nebuchadnezzar spirit in the church that wants to take our children captive. But God declares that they WILL return from the land of captivity.


Final Thoughts:

True conversion says to God, “What would you have me do?” If you can’t say those words and mean them, then you have not had a true conversion. Can you say those words and mean them? Take some time right now and, if you mean it, declare those words to the Lord. When you quit straddling the fence between the world and the Lord and get all the way in, everything will begin to change. Pray these words if you mean them: “Lord. What would you have me do?”


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