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August 23, 2020

The Three Chairs


In Joshua 24:15, the Lord says that all of us have to choose whom we will serve, God or man, and which chair we will sit in. All of us are sitting in one of three chairs—the chair of commitment, the chair of compromise, or in the chair of conflict with God. When it comes to your faith in God, how real is God to you? How relevant is God, the church, and His word to your daily life? How about for your family? Which chair are you sitting in? 


Key Scripture

Joshua 24:15; I Corinthians 2


Key Points
Chair of commitment: Do you have a spiritual nature? In this chair we find those who have been born again and are walking in the spirit. They live a committed life and maintain a spiritual state of mind. They are holy in their actions and they seek God. They build their lives on spiritual things. These people are committed to God’s house every week, the word of God, giving and serving.  As it relates to marriage, their spouse and their home are their top priority. The top priority is for their children to fear and love God. 


Chair of compromise: Do you have a carnal nature? Here we find people who have been born again and go to church - they even know scripture and honor the Lord in their heart. But they are living distant from the Lord. Their relationship with Jesus is more of an acquaintance than a friendship. People in this chair allow their lives to mix with things of the world such as sin and idols. This group lives with one foot in the world and one in the church. They consider the committed people to be extreme or fanatic. Their marriage may also be full of compromise. They may have a good working relationship with their spouse, but that’s about it. Their children are more influenced by the world than by their parents’ values. They cannot spiritually discern what to do or how to intervene when they see signs in their lives or their children’s that should cause concern, because they are carnal themselves, so they tend to look the other way.


Chair of conflict: Do you have a natural nature? These are people with no spiritual nature. They are mostly un-churched and disconnected from spiritual influence. Anything goes when it comes to faith. God is not in their life or their home—closer to mother earth than Father God. They have a disregard of pastors and think they are just out to get their money. God never really crosses their mind because they are their own god. Their career is more important than their faith. They eventually give themselves over to a value-less life as far as spiritual or Christian values. In their home, there is no concept of going to church or giving any part of their life or resources to the Lord through His church. 


Final Thoughts
If your children were to declare which chair you are sitting in, what would they say? Which chair do you WANT to sit in? Jesus is coming again. Heaven and hell are REAL. This is not a game. Joshua said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” How would you complete that sentence? “As for me and my house, we will serve _______.” 


If you are in the seat of compromise, change seats! Read His word and spend time with Him every day. If you are in the seat of conflict, make a change today! The amazing thing about the Lord is that everything can change in a moment with a single decision. Choose wisely, friend. 


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