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March 15, 2020

Acres of Diamonds Part 3

Diamonds are just lumps of coal that have been transported from deep in the earth to the surface. Fire, heat, and the difficult situations of life bring about the transformation needed to transform you from who you were, into a diamond in the hands of the Lord. Tough times will come but God is with you in the fire, and He will take the fiery darts of the enemy and use those to build your character and transport you to your place of destiny. But remember this: Not every gift from God will look like a gift at first sight. Sometimes, God’s greatest gifts come in strangely wrapped packages.


Key Scripture

Genesis 50:18-20; Luke 11:13


Key Points

1. Sometimes, God’s greatest gifts come in strangely wrapped packages. God answers our prayers but you may not recognize the gift at first sight. Don’t reject the gifts God gives you.

2. God still gives gifts today. God didn’t just give gifts way back then—He still gives His greatest gifts today.

3. God will give you what you ask for. But it may not always look like the picture in your head.

4. Pain and low places will give you an unusual sensitivity to those that have been marginalized by the world. Loneliness and isolation causes you to see people you have never seen before—people you will feel compelled to encourage.

5. Praise has to speak up when you find yourself in a pit. When you are in the pit, sometimes the only thing that will protect you is praise and worship.

6. When you get to that place of destiny, God will use what was sent to hurt you to elevate and promote you. What Satan meant for your demise, the Lord will use for your good.

7. It’s all about how the story ends—not just the difficult beginning. Trials may appear to be only evil, but your trials carry the gifts God has for you over the long haul. Many times, the greatest trials of your life bring your greatest gifts.

8. Your heavenly Father has not forgotten the promise He made you. God is faithful and will do as He promised, but it may look different than you expect. Don’t reject the gift the Father has given you just because it doesn‘t look like the picture you had in your head.


Final Thoughts

Everything God has promised you, He will bring to pass. He will take all you have gone through to make you the person you will need to be to receive that gift. Thank Him for the mountains and the valleys and the problems you have had, because without them, you would never know what faith in His Word could do. Through it all, you will learn to trust in Jesus and trust in God. Through it all, you must learn to depend upon His Word.


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