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April 19, 2020

Miracles in Your Home

God is shining a light into our homes during this time. We’re in the midst of a rare opportunity for families to take inventory of their spiritual lives and see where we’ve laid up our riches. Inside a church building cannot be the only place we worship. It cannot be the only place we pray. We can no longer wait until we “go to church” to read the Bible, take communion, or lay hands on one another for healing. Could it be that God is saying, “Time is of the essence. I want you to nurture the Lamb—your relationship with Jesus—in your homes, with your families.” 


In this message, Jentezen Franklin teaches us an important lesson from Scripture: When you can’t give your family anything else, you can give them the Lamb.


Tell the whole community of Israel that on the tenth day of this month each man is to take a lamb for his family, one for each household.
Exodus 12:3



Discussion Questions

1. Take a look at Key Points 1-4 above and talk about whether or not each point is or isn’t happening in your home presently.

2. Follow-up: How could you make each of those items more of a priority?

3. How do you “take the Lamb” with you in your daily life? Allow each small group member or family member an opportunity to respond.

4. In the message, Pastor Franklin talked about growing the Lamb and making Him larger and larger in your home and in your life. How are you “growing the lamb” in your life?

5. Are there things you need to add to your daily life to “grow the Lamb” in your personal life?


Final Thoughts

If ever there was a time we need the Lamb in our homes it’s now. A miracle is coming to your home and it will come through the Lamb. Every house must have a Lamb. Will you get on your knees as a family and invite the Lamb of God into your family and into your home again right now? Make the Lamb the center of your life today. Give the Lamb of God a place of prominence and allow it grow within your home as the days go by.


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