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August 15, 2021

The Five Ingredients of a Anointed Life

The Five Ingredients of an Anointed Life



There are five things you must have in your life for the anointing of the Lord to be present. Each is critical to taking your walk with Christ to the next level. In this message with Jentezen Franklin, learn what you can do to experience a greater level of the power and presence of God in your life.


Key Scriptures

Exodus 30:23-25; Hebrews 11; I John 2:14; Ephesians 4; John 13:5


Five Ingredients of an Anointed life

1. 500 shekels of Myrrh - Meekness and submission to God’s will. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is strength to harness for service to God. It is the raging river submitting to the dam that becomes hydro-electricity. It is God taking something we offer and making it better than we ever could have done our own.

a .It is the burning out of selfishness. We must have reverence and respect for God’s presence.

b. You must learn to follow His voice.

c. It’s fasting and praying. It’s standing at the base of the mountain with the multitudes or standing alone on your way up the mountain to meet with Jesus.

d. You have to be under what God puts over you, so you can be over what God wants to put under you.

e. You do what God says to do no matter the cost.

f. You have to submit, in meekness, to the will of God.


2. Cinnamon - Uprightness. Not towering over people in pride.

a. There can be no crooked back, which means you have to be able to stand upright spiritually.

b. Added blessing means added responsibility.

c. When you stand for the truth, you attract the anointing.

d. You are not standing in your own righteousness.

e. You stand on the promises of the Lord. You either have a living faith or a dying faith. Whose report will you believe?

f. Stand on the report of healing.

g. Household salvation

h. Stand on the blessing of the Lord.

i. You have to say no to things that are not right or that would not honor God.

j. You must be beware of these things: There are no charismatic shortcuts around these things: Prayer, Worship, The Word, Church, Tithes, Honoring God.


3. Sweet Caine, Calamus - Being bent low in humility. The head of the reed fills with oil and not ready to be used until the head of the reed is bent over. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. The same hands that created the universe washed the feet of the twelve. He bent low in humility. Where is your towel, and where is your water basin? Serve others.

a. No title disqualifies you from serving people and never being paid back.

b. There is a first seat, but there is also a second and third seat in an orchestra. And blessed are the saints of the second fiddle. There are so many behind the scenes people who will never get the spotlight, but they are as needed as the person on the stage.

c. No humility equals no anointing.


4. Cassia - Inner Cleansing. Inner cleansing attracts the anointing. If you want the anointing you need inner cleansing.

a. If I regard inequity in your heart God will not hear me.

b. Before it’s a deed it’s a thought, and before it’s an action it’s an attitude.

c. We have to clean up all the rooms of our lives.

d. We have to allow the refiners fire to clean us and bring the bad stuff to the surface.


5. Olive oil - the Holy Spirit. You can’t have the anointing without the Holy Spirit.

a. Oil was used to cook, for sunburn, after long journeys, for lamps, for hurts and wounds, and to anoint kings and priests.

b. We must use fresh oil—old oil attracts flies—because you can’t fight today’s battles with yesterday’s oil


Final Thoughts

You are a candidate for a fresh anointing. You have to want the five ingredients of the anointing. We have to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have the anointing on everything we do in this life. The presence of God can change everything in your life. Ask the Lord for an anointing of fresh oil for THIS season. Magnify the Lord with your praise and worship. Allow the anointing of the Lord to fall fresh on you. Receive the anointing today by asking for it and following the five steps above. Seek the Lord today in your prayer place.


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