Connection Questions

May 13, 2016

Work is Worship – Part 2

Greatness on the job earns you much more than money or recognition. Greatness hands you respect, and respect delivers influence. Influence then gives you a platform to share your faith, and you know what? When true faith is lived out in excellence, it is attractive. People want it!

Connection Point:

If you know the right thing to do and dont do it, that, for you, is evil (James 4:17 MSG).

Connection Questions:

  1. How do we keep God “switched on” come Monday?
  2. What is the balance of being a Christian in the marketplace?
  3. Why is it important to hone your skill and work with excellence?
  4. What did the Apostle Paul do to make a living?
  5. Is work punishment? What is it?
  6. “TGIF” is a common mindset for those who work Monday-Friday. What should believers condition themselves to think?

Conclusion/Call to Action:

The good news is God is not looking to fire or replace anyone! We will all miss a high-kick a time or two, but what matters is the consistent pursuit of doing things well. After all, God didn’t hold back in giving us His best, it is the least we can do to give Him ours.