Connection Questions

May 18, 2018



Key Scripture:

II Samuel 5:17-24; Acts 2-4; I Corinthians 14 (all); Romans 8:26



Sometimes you need to stir up yourself. We want to wait for a clear vision from God, but sometimes we have to stir ourselves up. No matter what part of the body we are. We carry an anointing for what the Lord has called us to do. Thank God for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, after we have prayed we need to stop and listen. Prayer shouldn’t just be you doing all the talking. God always has a plan for the battle you are fighting. 


We don’t judge what we should do based on what the enemy does, we wait on the Lord to tell us what we need to do. You will hear something entirely different from what the enemy is saying. You will hear what the enemy cannot hear. When you DO hear the voice of the Lord then you go at once. The sound that is speaking today is saying, “You are about to win.”


The enemy can understand your words spoken in English---but He cannot understand what we say when we pray in the Spirit. We need to be Wind Talkers. We need to pray in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit speaks as a mighty rushing wind and the Spirit gives the utterance.


Key Points About God’s Voice:

  1. Its a voice only a praying person can hear. Are you praying?
  2. It’s a voice only a praising person can hear. Are you praising?
  3. It’s a voice that speaks victory and defeats the power of the enemy in your life. 
  4. You are not fighting this battle by yourself. Do you realize that God and His armies are with you?


Keys About Our Heavenly Voice---Praying in the Spirit

  1. The enemy cannot decode this language
  2. The enemy cannot use what you pray against you
  3. The devil will tell you its emotionalism
  4. The devil will tell you its your flesh and not God
  5. The devil will tell you that praying in the Spirit is not biblical---I Corinthians 14 explains praying in the Spirit fully

Connection Questions:

  • Have you ever prayed in the spirit? Can you share what that was like. If your answer is no, this might be a great time to have a discussion with someone who has to see what you can learn. 
  •  Are you open to praying in a heavenly language?



Final Thoughts:

Be a Wind Talker. Wind Talking helps you win the war. People can criticize or belittle your belief in praying in the spirit, but it is true. The devil wants to rob you of this language but that is because he realizes the power of this practice. Study all of I Corinthians 14. Study Romans 8:26-28. These verses make it so clear. Praying in tongues is for your personal life. It’s for you and not just for everyone. 


Religion will rob you of the fullness of the Holy Spirit by denying this critical gift. Ask the Lord to fill you and refill you. It’s too powerful to simply try to face your battled without it.  Read the passages and ask the Lord to show you and then come before the Lord and ask for all the Holy Spirit has for you. Ask for it and receive. We need to be stirred. You need to be stirred. We need to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Start every day by praying in the Spirit in a  language the  devil cannot decode.