Connection Questions

When We Fast

January 18, 2019

Luke 4:1-2; Luke 5:33; Luke 5:37; Matthew 4:4; Mark 9:28-29.

Jesus knew the importance of fasting. He taught it to His disciples. He even modeled fasting for us by eating nothing during 40 days in the wilderness. Fasting makes us more sensitive to God’s presence and prepares us to receive the “new wine” of new anointing. The Word is more alive to us when we fast. And fasting equips us to win the fiercer battles we face in our lives.

Key Points
1.    Jesus taught His disciples to fast, and set an example for us by fasting Himself.
2.    Fasting makes us more aware of God’s presence.
3.    Fresh anointing comes when we fast.
4.    The Word is never more alive to us than when we fast.
5.    Struggles with the “fiercer demons” can only be won by prayer and fasting.

Connection Questions
1.    Why do you think Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness?
2.    List four things that happen when we fast.
3.    Explain the meaning of “new wine” and “new wineskins.”
4.    How can you incorporate fasting and prayer in your life?
5.    Are you or someone you know facing a “fiercer demon?” What is something you can do today to prepare for that battle?

Final Thoughts
If you were headed into a war, would you choose to leave behind the weapons provided for you? Of course not! You would take every weapon available in order to defeat the enemy and win the battle. The truth is, we’re in a war, and the stakes are eternal. Thankfully, God has provided us with a super-weapon—fasting. Don’t overlook the power you receive and the victory you unlock when you fast.