Connection Questions

When God Declares War

June 8, 2018


Judges 5:1-23; Matthew 12:30.



During the war against Jabin, God’s people joined in the fight, offering everything they had to the battle. But one tribe just watched, offering nothing to the cause. This tribe was “cursed bitterly” by God—not for blatant sin, but for being complacent and refusing to be involved. In the fight between good and evil, neutrality is not an option. Each person must choose whether they are on the side of evil or whether they will join the Lord’s side. Each person must actively be involved in the fight.


Key Points


  1. Spiritual battles are continuously being fought all around us.
  2. Every person is either on God’s side or Satan’s side.
  3. We each must make a choice to be on one side or the other.
  4. When we choose God’s side, we must take action.




  1. Are your spiritual eyes open to see the battles being waged around you? If not, ask God to open your eyes spiritually.


  1. What are you doing to help win the Lord’s battle?


  1. Read Matthew 12:30 and Revelation 3:16. What do these verses tell you about being neutral or lukewarm?


  1. Do you have skill, talent, resources, or time that need to be willingly offered up to the Lord?


  1. Have you been a spectator rather than a warrior? What is one thing you can do today to take a more active role in the battle?


Final Thoughts 


There are thousands and thousands of people who claim to be Christians but are not involved in the fight. They come to church if they feel like it. They sit on the sidelines and watch, never actually getting involved in the battle. But we’re either fighting or we’re falling. We can’t sit idly by, do nothing, and get away with it. God demands more of us. He calls us to give our all—and to give it willingly—to fight for our family and our communities. We aren’t called to be passive, lukewarm spectators—we’re called to be warriors.