Connection Questions

January 9, 2015

A Vow to God Through Fasting

Jesus taught us to fast. He fasted 40 days. Daniel fasted 21 days. The apostle Paul fasted for 14 days. Peter fasted for 3 days. Moses fasted for 40 days. Every major character in the Bible had a time of fasting and prayer in their life. Shouldn’t fasting and prayer be part of your life?

Connection Questions

  1. How did Daniel end up in Babylon?
  2. What did Daniel choose to eat instead of the food served by the king? Why did he make that choice?
  3. How does our culture affect what we eat?
  4. What is your history with fasting? Do you feel that it has been an effective spiritual tool in your life?
  5. List three reasons that Pastor Franklin gives for fasting.
  6. After reading this sermon, what changes do you feel you need to make in how and when you fast?


God honors vows. Daniel made a vow to God to fast. Even when he found himself at odds with his surrounding culture, he kept his vow and was rewarded with God’s favor. The same is true for you today. If you make a vow to God to fast and you honor that vow, God will honor what you have done. He will bless you and your family with His favor and blessing.

Connection Point

Daniel 1:8A (KJV): “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor the wine which he drank.”