Connection Questions

November 24, 2018

The Transitional Place


Joshua 5:12-6:1; Isaiah 43:19.

Joshua led the people of Israel out of the wilderness, across the Jordan River, and into the Promised Land. Everything they had known was about to change. Joshua relied on God’s direction as he navigated the Israelites through this time of great transition and into the destiny God planned for them.

Key Points
1.    In a transitional place, God moves us from where we are to where He wants us to be.
2.    Joshua faced many transitions as he led the people of Israel.
3.    In a time of transition, we must break ground and sow seeds.
4.    It is important to embrace God’s plan.
5.    Worship is vital during a time of transition.

Connection Questions
1.    Think of a time when you have been in a transitional place. What emotions did you feel? How did God help you through it?
2.    Why is it important to worship during transition?
3.    The Israelites planted actual seeds to grow a harvest of food. What does it mean to sow seeds in a spiritual sense?
4.    How does our attitude affect the way we handle transition?
5.    Where do you feel God leading you in this season? What can you do to embrace His leading?

Final Thoughts
A Christian life is not a stagnant life. If you are following Jesus, you will continuously be growing and moving forward. Thankfully, you will find yourself again and again in a transitional place. Transition is a cause for rejoicing, not fear, because it means God is moving you into the place He wants you to be…