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The Right Place

November 24, 2017

God has a place for you. Where God guides, He provides. He will bless you in the place He sends you. “I will command the Raven to feed you.” Even in the middle of a famine God will bless you if you are WHERE he wants you to be.


Key Points

  1. God is your source.
  2. Do not depend on a contract or an old path. 
  3. Don’t be married to a memory or anchored to a method.




Key Point

  1. God may change your direction even in mid-life. He commanded the widow woman to feed you THERE. And ONLY there. Go anywhere else and there will be no provision.




Key Point

  1. God wants to give new wine. Sometimes God calls you to “break the plow” so the old method will not provide for you. He may be giving you a brand new wine skin for the new wine.




Key Point

  1. You must stay in relationship to receive the blessings God has for you. Where you go to church matters. When you are in the right church the blessings God has for you will be coming down on you IN THAT PLACE. Right place matters.




Key Point

  1. Sometimes there are parts of you that need to die. To live is Christ and to die is gain. If the insults of others still affect you then you are not dead to self. Be dead to self and alive in Christ.





Why would you want to miss out on all God has for you? Commit to being in the right place every week…God’s house. Sometimes the people God sends to bless you are found in the places you are supposed to be. God has a place of blessing and delivery for you.





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account_circle Andrea Jimenez

Pastor Franklin, how do you make sure that the enemy is not deceiving you?

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