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November 10, 2019

The Power of We

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! -Psalm 133:1


There is great power in unity. When it ceases to be about “me” and “mine” and becomes about “we,” God can bless it in amazing ways. A church is very limited when the church is about “me” and not “we.” The Lord is attracted to unity. The power of “we” brings a powerful blessing on people’s lives. We must get to a place where we are unified in our homes and in our church.


Key Points

1. The Lord’s Prayer begins with the word “Our.” Praying together to “our” Father is the most powerful prayer. God requires unity in our prayers.


2. Praise and worship are not about “me” and “my,” they’re about “we.” God deserves a “we” praise. Worship songs in church are meant to be sung together, and when there’s a song you don’t like, chances are, that song was for someone else—not just YOU. Forget about me and mine. Forget about yourself, concentrate on Him, and worship Him. You are Biblically required to rejoice with those who rejoice.


3. When God is sovereignly moving, He will not allow disunity. God will deal with those who cause disunity.


4. Tithing and giving are not about “me” and “mine,” they are about “we.” There is an 80/20 rule associated with churches. It says that 20% of the people will do all the serving, giving, and participating. It’s time for the church to flip that script.


5. Is it I? We should leave every service asking the Lord, “Was that message for me? Were you trying to say something to me?


6. There is nothing that will be restrained from the church with commanded unity. We must see the same vision and speak the same language. Great churches are “we” churches.


7. When God is moving in a church or a family it is never because of  “me” or “mine.” It is always about “we.” We need unity in our message to the world.


8. We must proclaim in one accord. Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of Lords.


9. God loves first responders. Don’t be the last one to praise, worship, clap, or respond. Be the first one to the altar. Sometimes your obedience will result in others following after. Your boldness may be the ounce of courage another needs to take that first step.


10. The power of unity is when we get together. You can gather and not be together. The scripture says, “When two or three are gathered TOGETHER in my name, I am there also.”  It’s not enough just to be gathered—there must be unity.


Final Thoughts

We are to be about the power of “we.” We gather all of the time, but we aren’t always unified. Unity is critical to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Pray in agreement. There is no limit to what God will do if we can get in one mind and of one accord. The unity of God’s people will provide the blessing.


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