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The Power of the Lord's Table

June 2, 2019

The Lord’s Table, or communion, must never become common. There is great power in taking communion, the same as the Passover meal in scripture. There is a great history that accompanies this commanded tradition. The 23rd Psalm is a passage worth reading today. It is all around a shepherd; the Great Shepherd Jesus is attracted to the Communion Table. It is a tradition that elicits the close presence of God. It’s the meal that heals. When you partake of this meal with faith it activates many blessings of the Lord. God said eat, and eat ALL of the lamb at the original Passover.


"You prepare a table before me." Psalm 23:5


Key Notes


Blessings that are Activated:

Long life



Protection from your enemies





Eating the Lamb:

1. You must eat until full

2. You must distribute it after you have had your fill

3. You must eat ALL of it. He is not just Savior, He is Lord. It is the Lord’s Table.

4. It is to be a joyful meal. The joy of the Lord is your strength. If you are running out of joy, you are running out of strength.

5. It is to be a time to remember. Come to the table.

6. It doesn’t end at the table. The blessings of this meal that are activated are coming to your house.

7. The meal signifies a brand new day. The past is in the past. The past does not control you, and the ghost of the past cannot haunt you anymore.

8. The Lamb must be served with bitter herbs. This represents the things in life that can make you bitter. The sweetness of the Lamb evens out the bitter herbs of life. You get full of the Lamb, and the bitter things are diluted.

9. Must be cooked on an open fire—not in a pot and not watered down. Too many people water down the Word and want the Lamb without the power. You can’t get the Lamb without throwing away the things that are bringing you down. Nothing can come between the Lamb and the fire.


The world drinks to forget—WE DRINK TO REMEMBER!



Take and Eat the Bread

1. Take traveling bread—Wherever you go, the bread from the Table goes with you.

2. Just a crumb is all you need but we have the whole loaf. There is nothing you are going to face that the Word of the Lord cannot speak to.

3. The Bread eliminates fear. You don’t have to live with fear. The bread brings confidence.


Final Thoughts

Communion is a generational meal. We are to do it often in remembrance of Jesus and what His body and His blood have done for you. There is a mysterious power over this meal that can help you overcome the trials and hurts of your past. The most powerful avenue of prayer is when you plead the blood of the Lamb. The devil cannot cross the bloodline. We are to approach the Lord’s Table with excitement because anything can happen from there. The only thing we are to physically touch is at the table. It is a physical act that activates the blessings. Everywhere else in scripture calls for you to walk by faith, but communion is to be held and consumed and taken into you. When you eat the bread and drink the wine then Christ is being reincarnated inside of you. And then, what comes out of you will be Jesus. The goal is for Jesus, who has been taken into you, will project out of you.


Never take communion in a common way. It is always special and always a powerful time at the Lord’s Table.


The body and the blood of Jesus is the centerpiece of our faith. Always has been. Always will be. Never take it for granted and never allow it to be common.

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