Connection Questions

The Power of a Vision-Driven Life

April 1, 2016

What do we do when life blindsides us? Samson, called by God, once possessed potential to be the most powerful judge Israel had ever seen. Yet, one bad decision led to another, and at the end of his story, he is bound up, blinded, and made into a mockery in front of his enemies. Not only was his physical vision taken, but also his internal purpose was robbed. Sucker-punched and humiliated, the rug was pulled.

Connection Point:

Forget about whats happend; dont keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? —Isaiah 43:19 MSG

Connection Questions:

  1. Before his heartbreak, Samson had _______________ vision, after he had a ________-vision.
  2. Samson developed a ______________ eye.
  3. What happens to those who don’t get healed?
  4. What did Delilah want from Samson?
  5. When you give your secrets to someone, you give your ________________ to them.
  6. Samson went from vision, di-vision, no vision to __________________.

Conclusion/Call to Action:

Has life blindsided you? God doesn’t abandon His vision for your life when you mess up. You are not disqualified! You are still very much called, purposed, and loved. Don’t allow the enemy to win this battle one more day. Turn back to the Lord and discover His vision for you. Plans to prosper and not harm you, plans for hope and a future!