Connection Questions

The Moth, the Eagle, and the Lion

November 11, 2017

Key Scripture:

Hosea 5:12; 8:1; 5:14-15



It’s not hard to understand and recognize the gentle voice of the Lord if you are walking with Jesus. There is a sensitivity required. When God is trying to get your attention, first He uses His still small voice…like the flutter of a moth. Then, if you won’t listen, He will speak with a louder voice…like the sound of an eagle. But if you won’t hear the still small voice, and still won’t hear the louder sound of an eagle, then He will still come like the roar of a lion.


Key Points:

As a Moth:

  1. If you listen, He will minister to you and speak to you.



  1. Do you hear from God?
  2. How do you hear from God?


As an Eagle:

  1. An eagle has a squawk, claws, and is far more aggressive.
  2. Sometimes God will bring people to speak a word of encouragement, or a word of warning, in critical seasons of your life. Sometimes you are kissing people you should kick to the curb, and kicking the people you should be embracing.



  1. Do you have people in your life that will be honest with you?
  2. Are you willing to have a person or persons in your life that will speak the truth to you?


As a Lion:

  1. God loves you so much that when you won’t hear the moth or the eagle, He will speak to you as strongly as possible, like the roar of a lion. The lion will violently oppose you.
  2. You must honor God’s lines and His fences. You have honor God’s “lines” or deal with the devil’s lions.
  3. We get in a habit of repenting and repeating. Repenting and repeating. Repenting and repeating. And over time our heart goes hard. But the goodness of God leads to repentance…not repeating.



  1. Is there an area in your life where you “repent and repeat?”
  2. Are you willing to surrender this part of your life to Jesus?



The most dangerous thing God will do is let you have your will…your own way, even when it is contrary to His perfect plan for your life. When we insist on our own will, He will withdraw Himself from your situation and allow you go down the path that is contrary to His will. If you will listen, God is speaking to you all the time. If you will devote a part of your day to spending time with Him, reading His Word and in prayer, you'll hear that still small voice!


The ministry of the moth is gentle, and that is His preferable way to deal with you. And He has drawn lines for your safety. Within those lines there is so much for you to do. The life He has for you is everything within those lines. When we refuse to listen and we refuse to stay within the boundaries He has assigned you, we risk divine abandonment and the withdrawing of His hand of blessing and anointing for your life.


Listen for the flutter of the moth. Honor the boundaries He has assigned you for your protection. Do not go where you know you should not go. Listen for His voice when making decisions and in your relationships. And when He says go or stay…do what the voice of God says.

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