Connection Questions

March 2, 2019

The Extravagant Offering

John 12:3-6; John 11:32-44.

There are two attitudes we can have about our possessions. We can have a spirit of selfishness, clinging tightly to our money and our possessions. Or we can have a spirit of generosity, giving extravagantly and finding our treasure in the Lord. When we choose generosity, God abundantly blesses our lives.

Key Points
1.    Mary poured an extremely valuable bottle of perfume on Jesus’s feet.
2.    Her generosity sprang from a heart filled with gratitude.
3.    Judas criticized Mary’s extravagance.
4.    His attitude sprang from a heart filled with greed and selfishness. 
5.    We can choose to be generous givers because of God’s generosity to us, or we can cling to our money and possessions out of selfishness.

Connection Questions
1.    Why did Mary give Jesus such an extravagant offering?
2.    Why did Judas criticize Mary’s gift?
3.    Are you more like Mary or more like Judas in your attitude toward giving? Are there any changes you need to make?
4.    How are gratitude and generosity related?
5.    What blessings in your life cause you to feel grateful?

Final Thoughts
You have probably heard someone say, “You can’t out give God.” People say it because it’s so true! God delights in our generosity, compassion, and giving. He promises that when we give, even more will be given back to us. A heart filled with gratitude and generosity leads to a life filled with blessing.