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September 15, 2017

The Blessing is in the Breaking

The feeding of the 5000 is directly related to how you handle your storms. Jesus allows the storms of this life for many reasons. We must constantly tell our future about God’s faithfulness in our past.


Key Points

1. Miracles begin with what you have. Too may focus on what they don’t have when the miracle begins with what you have.

What are the main things you are involved in right now? What possession do you have that you would be willing to let the Lord use?

2. God uses people that other people say don’t count. The women and children weren’t counted, but it was a child who had the bread. You may not have what you need to get to where you want to go, but if you give God what you have, He will multiply it.

Do you ever feel, in some areas of your life, that you ‘don’t count?’ Does God see it that way?

3. The greatest miracles take time. Jesus separated the people into groups and that took time. Sometimes it takes order and structure and management of what you have. Sometimes you have not managed what you have so God can’t give you more. You need to get the structure ready for what He is going to give you before you can receive it.

What miracle do you need right now? Ask.

4. You have to be thankful for what you have, even if it's not enough, before He can give you more than enough. God blesses what you have and what is to come before he multiplies into more than enough. Multiplication will not follow ingratitude.

When is the last time you spent time in prayer just thanking the Lord for what you or your family does have?

5. The blessing is in the breaking. After He blessed it…He broke it. Refusing to be broken delays the blessing. The miracle begins at the breaking point.

Have you thanked the Lord for the last time He broke you? He wasn’t killing you, He was blessing you. Whew! That is a tough one. Are there areas of your life where you feel broken? What are they? Are you willing to release those to the Lord right now?

6. He feeds the multitude with broken pieces. It is the broken pieces of our lives that feed the multitudes.

Will you choose to hide and forget the broken seasons or will you allow the Lord to use them?

7. Blessings to flow THROUGH your hands…not FROM your hands. God gets the glory, not you. Never think you are what people need. We are vessels.

Repeat what you think this means in your own words?

When God does a miracle, He doesn’t just give enough, He gives overflow. God wants to give you overflow. God’s Name is 8. El Shadai, the God of more than enough! Call Him MORE THAN ENOUGH.

What does tis mean to you?

9. Keep blessing other people. God’s desire is to bless others through YOUR faithfulness. All blessings you receive are not from man, they are from God!

Who are you a blessing to right now?

10. No one is going through a storm that God is not aware of. You go through storms by Divine instruction.

Describe the last storm you went through.

11. The storm you are going through is the pathway Jesus uses to get to you. In the middle of your storm here comes Jesus walking on the water.

Do you believe Jesus is with you in your storms? Why or why not?

12. Sometimes you have to tell your future about your past. God wants to test your memory in this storm by checking your recollection of His faithfulness in the last storm.

Can you remember the storms God has brought you through?  Your power is not in where you are, it is in where you have been. Thank Him for what He is about to do based on what He has done before. Can you remember when God was with you and took care of a previous storm in your life? If yes, then can you remember that in your next storm?



Every test is after the lesson has been taught. You already know He is faithful. You already know He has been faithful in every season. The present test is to see if you remember all the times God was with you in your former storms and act accordingly in your present storm. Tell your present about your past!


Key Scriptures

Mark 6:35-45; Matthew 14:22-23


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