Connection Questions

The Anointing Makes the Difference

August 31, 2018


1 Samuel 16:13; Psalm 133:2; Psalm 92:10; 1 John 2:20; Psalm 5:12; Acts 10:38.



The Bible gives many examples of people who were anointed. But the anointing was not just for people in Bible times, and it’s not just for ministers today. It’s available to every one of us, and it will bring God’s power, wisdom, and favor into our lives. 


Key Points

  1. David’s life was changed when he was anointed.
  2. The anointing is available to everyone.
  3. We can be drenched and saturated with anointing.
  4. We must not let the anointing become stale but seek fresh anointing.
  5. The anointing brings wisdom and favor.
  6. Nothing else can substitute for the anointing.


Connection Questions

  1. What does “the anointing” mean to you?
  2. How can the anointing make a difference in your life—at work, at church, and at home?
  3. Has your anointing become stale? What can you do today to receive a fresh anointing?
  4. How can you lean more on the anointing and less on your own abilities? 


Final Thoughts

After David was anointed, he used his slingshot to kill a giant. He offered what he had to God, and God used it. The same is true for us. We may not have the gifting someone else has, but if we give our abilities, our gifts, and our resources to God, He will anoint them and use them. There’s no giant we face that won’t fall when we face him in the name of the Lord and with the anointing.