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October 20, 2019

That Time, This Time, Every Time

Discouragement destroys lives. It seems as though more and more people are taking their lives because of discouragement. This is a destructive power, but there is a remedy. The soul of the people in Numbers was discouraged because of the way the Lord was leading them. Demonic powers get released where discouragement is allowed to take root. Don’t allow an atmosphere of discouragement to overtake your life. Take action. These were people of God, yet they allowed discouragement to take over.

Key Points

1. Discouragement produces shame and humiliation and embarrassment. We are afraid to admit to others when we are discouraged.

2. We get discouraged because of:

            The way of God.

            The why of God.

            The wait of God.

3. Remember how far has brought you. Discouragement is multiplied because of comparison. Don’t compare yourself to others—compare where you are now, to where you started.

4. Discouragement comes from trying to produce fruit out of season. We want to go straight from the seed to the harvest without the time period of growth. There are seasons and every promise of God has a time and a season attached to it. Your seasons are in God’s hand.

5. Symptoms of discouragement:

            Blurred vision. Satan wants you to see what you don’t have, and blind you from what      you do have.

            Loss of enthusiasm. We must learn to enjoy today.

            Isolation. The devil wants to isolate you in order to devastate you. He pulls you away from friends, family and church. When you least like praising, that’s a sign you need to praise Him the most.

            Paralysis. Discouragement is sent to freeze your actions. Discouragement will halt your advancement.

            Your speech. Negativism and self-pity comes on the life of the discouraged. Guard against negativity coming from your lips. What comes out of your mouth determines what you can and can’t do so you must bless the Lord at ALL times.

            Loss of inspiration, motivation and aggression. Discouragement is the despair of wounded self-love. It produces cowards because you cease taking risks and your faith decreases.

6. Discouragement will cause you to question what you previously affirmed. You will question:

            Your Spirit visitations

            Your Divine manifestations

            Your Divine revelations

            Your personal salvation

            The will of God

            The love of God

            The call of God

            The doctrine of God


These are symbols of a discouraged heart. When discouraged we tend to look for something else, all because we think God didn’t perform the way we thought He was supposed to perform. But we must still declare, “There’s still no God like Jehovah!”


7. The door to discouragement is prayerlessness. You get discouraged when you stop praying. Pray until you hear the still small voice of God.


How do you get out of your cave of discouragement?

1. Start sharing your anointing with others. Start encouraging someone else today and encourage others.

2. Look up. Look up and live. Look for help in the right places. Don’t look lateral, look vertical. Don’t look for solutions around you—look up to Jesus. Don’t get shook up, look up!

3. Lift Him up. Begin to praise Him and worship Him.


Final Thoughts

Good things are coming down your dusty road! Believe it! Start speaking it! Encourage yourself and encourage someone else! Measure yourself by the Lord and not by comparing your journey with others. Discouragement came to the disciples so it will come to you.


The Secret

The devil will let you remember THAT time, but he is terrified that you will start believing that THIS time and EVERY time God will not fail. THAT time, THIS time, and EVERY time, God will not fail! God is going to do it again and again and again!


GOD WILL NOT FAIL YOU! Stand on this promise from this day forward!!


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