Connection Questions

Steps to a Double Portion

October 21, 2016

"Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit"

(from 2 Kings 2:9)

As Christians we can become complacent and satisfied knowing that we’re going to heaven. But God wants us to live an abundant life here and now! If you are willing to go after God, there is a greater anointing! Just like Elisha went after Elijah and boldly asked for a double portion, if you’re willing to put your own plans aside and seek out what God has for you . . . there is more!

Connection Questions

  1. What did Elijah do after he escaped from Queen Jezebel.
  2. What does Elisha ask Elijah to give him?
  3. Before you can receive a double portion, there has to be a _________________.
  4. What was it about the men in Acts chapter 8 that made the authorities recognize they ‘had been with Jesus?’
  5. What does it mean to “visit” the things of God, but not “occupy” them?
  6. Do you feel held up in one of the three areas? A place of separation, transformation, or occupation?
  7. Reflect on what you feel like you need to do right now to move forward with God.

It doesn’t necessarily come easy. It’s not going to come without some fight and effort from your side. But if you are willing, like Elisha was, to chase after a double portion, the opportunity is there. God’s already blessed you. His cloak is on you. Go after Him with all your heart and see what’s in store!

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