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Rubber Band Faith

May 12, 2019

And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.

Exodus 17:11


Rubber band faith is the kind of faith that allows the Lord to stretch and expand you. God does His greatest work when we reach the end of ourselves. We seek comfort, but the Lord desires to grow us, and growth requires stretching. Don’t retreat from opportunities because of challenges. Don’t allow your own feelings of inadequacy to keep you from reaching your potential. When you are at your weakest, the Lord is the strongest on your behalf. God will meet you at the end of yourself.


Key Points

Faith is useless unless it’s stretched. You are not ready for God’s next assignment for your life until you have been stretched. God’s help kicks in at the border of your comfort zone. You must stretch to catch the next opportunity He has for your life.

When you are being stretched, you feel like you could snap at any moment. Stretching can take us to our quitting place, but you will not break. That same point where you’ve been stretched to your max is where you’ll find what you’re truly capable of.

Miracles come at the stretching points. We want it easy, but miracles happen when we reach the end of ourselves. Many of the Bible’s greatest miracles came when people reached the end of what they could do in the natural and had to depend on the Lord to work through them.

Rubber band faith is needed when we stretch to the new challenges of life. When challenges come, God is stretching you to develop you for His next season. Don’t resist the stretching. Embrace it with praise and worship.

Most people resist the stretching of the Lord. But God didn’t choose everybody for your next assignment. He chose you. Respond with boldness to the challenges and next steps of life.

Vulnerability accompanies rubber band faith. When you are being stretched for promotion, you will oftentimes experience criticism, discouragement and fear. Don’t back down! Press through the negativity and take those thoughts captive. God is equipping you for it!

Rubber band faith requires risk. Any new move of God on your life will require risk. Jesus asked one man to walk on water, others to stand up and walk on crippled legs, and others to gather bread and fish — each resulted in a miracle.

Rubber band faith requires growth and continual learning. You must continue to learn new things and commit to life long learning.

What is given up is given back when you give in to God’s stretching. What you see as sacrifice is just the Lord repositioning you and testing you. Churches can touch the nation when you give in to the stretching of the Lord.

Whatever He says to you…do it. No matter how much it stretches you, do what the Lord tells you to do. Always.

You don’t need an addition; you need an extension. Don’t look for God to send you more than you have.

God wants to deliver you from what is afflicting you. Anything you are dealing with, lay out before the Lord. Don’t try to hide your sins, struggles, or questions from God. Stretch them out before the Lord and He will bring healing and deliverance.


Final Thoughts

Jesus had to be stretched out on the cross for us to have healing and salvation today. Remember as long as Moses’ arms were stretched out before the Lord, they would win the battle in the valley below. God’s greatest blessings and assignments for you come at the point where you are stretched. Go as far as you can go, and God will meet you there. It’s not a miracle if you can accomplish it in your own strength.

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