Connection Questions

Prospering Without Guilt

February 27, 2015

God wants to prosper you, but to receive God’s blessing and prosperity in your life you must handle your finances the way God directs in His Word. The Bible tells us how to prosper in an appropriate way that is pleasing to God. On the other hand, there are inappropriate ways to prosper – ways that will bring guilt and will hurt others. Learn the difference in this message. God wants us to “prosper without guilt”.


Connection Questions

  1. What is the eighth commandment?


  1. What are four ways people seek prosperity inappropriately?


  1. What are three Godly ways to prosper?


  1. What are some specific ways you can pray for God’s blessing in your particular financial situation?


  1. According to Malachi 3:8, how do people steal from God?


  1. What changes do you need to make in your life to prosper without guilt?



God cares about your finances and your future. God wants you to prosper in a way that brings no guilt – with integrity, hard work, careful stewardship and prayer. When you manage your finances according to Biblical principles, God will bless and prosper you. When He does bless you, remember that everything you have comes from God. As you prosper, be grateful and give God all the glory.


Connection Point

Exodus 20:15 (NLT): “You must not steal.”