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Little by Little

August 12, 2019

Victory and success are not a “maybe” in the eyes of the Lord. They are assured because the battle has been won! If something has been held back from you, it is for your good. God wants you powerfully favored, supernaturally gifted, and abundantly successful. Success and advancement may not come as quickly as you would like, but it will happen in God’s timing … not yours. God loves you for who you are, not what you do.


When success comes, we have to be careful not to love what are doing more than the God who gave us the increase. God desires relationship more than success. That is why God holds back or slows the pace of your success. He will give it to you because that is what He has planned for you, but sometimes He gives it to you little by little.


Key Scriptures

Deuteronomy 7:21-24; Psalm 84:11; Luke 10:20; Matthew 7:22-2; II Chronicles 26:16


Key Points

1. God loves you for who you are, not what you do. It’s not about what you do; it’s about who you are. Keep growing in your faith. Get before the Lord in prayer. Plan your week around being in His house every week. Make faith the center of who you are, not the leftover parts.


2. What we want to do should be overshadowed by who we want to be. Who we are before the Lord—growing, humble and thankful—is the character we will need to stand in times of great success.


3. The greatest blessing is to know God and be known by God. Do you know God? Do you spend time in His word? Do you spend time in prayer? Are you in His house weekly? Do you tell people about Him? Does He know you because you talk to Him daily?


4. It’s possible to get what you want at the expense of losing what you need. Too many are getting what they want and losing what they need. We want what we can see, feel, and touch. But faith is not by sight and what is unseen is every bit as real as what you see. Success seems tangible, but it is God-given, not man-achieved. What you need is a daily relationship with Jesus.


5. Your success releases the beast of pride. When you have success and glorify God, you attract the attention of the enemy. Pride crouches at the door of every successful believer. Always ask for God’s help and guidance and always give Him credit when success comes.


6. God will not give success too fast because you will become consumed with your success. Too many are in church until they become successful and then, when the fruit of success comes, they are too busy enjoying their success to give their lives to the Lord and His house.


7. It’s never far from glory to goofy. God is looking for whom He can bless without making a mess. Who can He bless financially and they still tithe? Who can He bless and they still spend time with Him daily? Who can He bless and they still introduce Him to their friends?


8. God will stop your promotion and elevation if you step out of His house and His will. Instant success has slain its tens of thousands. He will do whatever He needs to do to get your attention. He cares about your soul and the people in your life far more than he cares about your success.


9. God gives the increase, but He can stop the flow just as fast. When you get full of pride, God can slow things way down or bring things in your life to get your attention.


10. It’s ok to never be satisfied. It is ok to set your sights high. The only lid you will put on your success is how much glory and praise you are willing to give back to the Lord when you have successes.


11. God does not bless churches. He blesses ministers and ministries. The oil pours down from the head of the leader. God blesses your family based on the life of the head of the house. God blesses your business based on the life and character of the leader of that business. In leadership, we have to lead by example.


12. There is “the weakness of strength” and “the strength found in weakness.” You cannot lean on your talent and your strength only, success is always found in your talent and strength placed in His hands.


13. Seek the Kingdom first—and all the rest will be given to you, little by little. We have it backwards when we pursue success and give God what’s left. We are to seek Him first … and then allow the Lord to add the rest … little by little.


Final Thoughts

If you have success it is because the Lord has blessed you with it. But you must constantly hide behind the cross. If God is blessing you and elevating you, then you can be certain that a beast is lurking.


In the story of the prodigal son, the younger son received everything at once, and it made the older brother feel cheated. But his father had not forgotten him. It did not go well for the son who got it all at once. The older son however, received it little by little, and he was all the better for it.


In all success we have to continually give the praise to God—the credit back to God—your future in the hands of God. Can God trust you with great success?

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