Connection Questions

October 14, 2013

Launch Out Into the Deep – Studio


We all have needs. Daily we face decisions and situations that seem out of our hands. We try to make things work with the resources we have. From finances to friends, we pull from every direction to find a solution. But God wants to remind us—He is our source. It’s time to Launch Out Into the Deep.

  1. What’s your desert? Is there an area in your life where change or blessing seems impossible?
  2. What are the three ways Pastor refers to in which God wants to rain fish into our lives?
  3. Do you need it to rain new people in your life? Take a minute to think about the people you spend the most time with. Are they encouraging, uplifting, supportive, and helpful?
  4. God is our provider. Pastor says, “This isn’t prosperity gospel. This IS gospel”. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves He wants to provide for us. Read and discuss these scriptures: Matt 17:24-27, Luke 5:1-11, Phil 4:15-20, Psalm 23.
  5. Miracles still happen. The story of raining fish in Australia has a natural explanation. But nevertheless, it’s a phenomenon. Do you have an extraordinary need?

Fish represent the harvest God wants to send. And just like the true story of fish falling from the sky in Australia—it doesn’t matter where you are—when He’s ready, He can send your harvest in the middle of anything, anywhere!


Lord, thank you that you are my source, that you can open doors no man can shut and your resources are unlimited. Thank you that new people are coming into my life; people connected to my destiny that I can help and who can help me. Thank you, Lord, that you are the same God who multiplied the fish and loaves, fed Elijah through a famine and sent your son through the Virgin Mary. I believe you can do miracles today. My faith is up!

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