Connection Questions

October 18, 2013

Launch Out Into the Deep


Just when you think you’re as far from what you need as you can get, God can change things. The story of fish raining from the sky, 500 miles from the coastline in Australia, is nothing short of a miracle. And maybe He is speaking through events like this to say, “I can still show up when and where you least expect it”.

  1. Do you think God still does miracles today?
  2. Can you think of a time when at the last minute, or when you least expected it, things turned around?
  3. Pastor talks about a fisherman’s test line: the greater the test line, the bigger the fish. What are some valuable things you’ve learned from the tests and trials you’ve been through?
  4. Is there anything stirring in you? Maybe an area where God is calling you to “launch out and cast your nets” (Luke 5), but you’ve been hesitant?
  5. Are you ready to trust God? What’s the hardest part for you when you’re in a situation where you have to have blind faith?
  6. We worry about filling our boat but God wants to fill His kingdom. Take a minute to think of a few ways you or your small group can reach out and effectively share His message and love with others.

Little is much if God is in it. We tell the story from Matthew 14 of Jesus feeding well over 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. But He did more than that. There were 12 baskets left over when everyone was finished! If God calls you to do it, He’ll provide the resources. Don’t limit yourself by limiting God. He wants you to Launch Out Into the Deep.


We’ve cast our nets in Haiti. We believe there is a harvest there; men and women who are willing and able to work but have no jobs, children who want to grow and learn but are starving. Pastor Jentezen has committed $1,000,000 over the next 12 months to build Miracle Market, a marketplace in Haiti, which will help create a sustainable economy. 2400 jobs will be created. And for every person who has a job in Haiti, 10 people are fed. You can be a part of the miracle. Learn how at and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with #FOODFORLIFE.