Connection Questions

December 21, 2018

Kingdom Connection: A Christmas Special

Luke 2:7

One amazing night, the invisible God became flesh. The birth of Jesus was the beginning of our restoration to God. It means we can be forgiven, we can have peace, our faith can be renewed, and our relationships can be mended. Jesus puts the broken places in our lives back together.

Key Points
1.    God chose to send a Savior to earth in the form of a baby born in a stable to ordinary parents.
2.    Christmas was the beginning of bringing reconciliation between God and man.
3.    Because our world is broken, our lives are also broken. We need a Savior.
4.    Jesus puts the whole world back together, one heart at a time.
5.    We were given four gifts at Christmas: forgiveness, renewal of our faith, release of our fears, and restoration of relationships.

Connection Questions
1.    Why do you think God sent Jesus as a baby in a stable?
2.    What can you do to keep the Christmas message in your heart all year long?
3.    What are the four gifts mentioned in this sermon? How do these apply to your life today?
4.    How can you be a peacemaker in your personal relationships?

Final Thoughts
Jesus showed up on this earth in a stable, with a feeding trough for a cradle. But it didn’t end there. Jesus went all the way from the cradle to the cross for us. Everything we need for abundant and eternal life is found in Him. He is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem.