Connection Questions

It's Broken

December 14, 2018

Ezekiel 30:21-22; Isaiah 52:10; Luke 11:20-22; 1 Peter 5:6; Psalm 89:13; Psalm 124:7.

Throughout the Scripture, we hear of God breaking the grip of the enemies of His people. He has repeatedly proven Himself to be more than able to defeat anything the enemy brings against us. He will break every stronghold that drags us down. He will provide His people with victory, freedom, and peace.

Key Points
1.    God is strong and powerful.
2.    Any stronghold of the devil can be broken by the strong arm of God.
3.    In Ezekiel 30, God declared He would break the arms of the Pharaoh, the enemy of Jesus.
4.    In Luke 11, Jesus illustrated that a strong enemy is only defeated when someone stronger comes upon him.
5.    As we seek God for freedom, He breaks the chains and the traps of the enemy.

Connection Questions
1.    What do you think God meant when He said He would, “break the arm of the king of Egypt?”
2.    In what areas in your life do you feel bound? What habits do you have that have proven hard to break?
3.    Retell the parable of the strong man in your own words (see Luke 11:21-22).
4.    What are some examples of ways in which people are bound?
5.    What do we need to do to see God break strongholds in our lives?

Final Thoughts
God will fight for His people. He will fight for you and your family. If alcoholism, addiction, immorality, bad habits, depression or any other attack of the enemy has built a stronghold in your life or the life of someone you love, God stands ready to fight with His strong arm and break the hold of the enemy.