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September 16, 2019

Interview with Rabbi Tuly at Kingdom Connection Part 1

Jesus said in Matthew 25, you fed me when I was hungry. You clothed me when I was naked. You visited me when I was in need. And the people were astonished and said, what are you talking about? We never bought you any clothes. We never fed you a meal. We never visited you when you were in need. And He said, when you did it to others, these my brothers - that’s the wording that He used. When you did it to my brothers, you did it unto me.


When we clothe, when we house, when we provide for the children, we’re giving unto God. When people don’t feel close to God, perhaps it’s because they have no intimacy with people. They’ve disconnected themselves from others. Maybe what Jesus was teaching us is: have you hugged anybody today? Have you comforted anybody today? Have you spoken kindly? Have you taken time to value somebody today? Because Jesus said when we do those things for one another … if I hug you, I just hugged Jesus. How can we not become intimate with Him if we’re showing His goodness to other people? That’s what Christ taught us. And He said, as you do it unto those who have gone through tragedies in their life ‑ like these families in Israel ‑ and lost everything, you do it unto me.


1. In Isaiah 40, it tells us to “Comfort” God’s people. When does it say we are to comfort them?

2. In Matthew 25:36-40, what ways does it describe that we can comfort others, and in doing so, minister to the Lord.

3. Rabbi Tuly discusses Zechariah 8:18-23. What is the key to those fast days becoming feast days?

4. In the last verse, Zechariah 8:23, why is it that the men of other nations grasp for the Jews to go with them?

5. Psalm 133 says, “how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” And it goes on to compare that unity to the anointing of Aaron and the blessing that followed. How do you believe God will bless you when you join together to work with, and provide for His chosen people, the Jews?


Pray about what you can do to help. I want you today to say, I can be a difference maker. I can give to this project, and I can help restore this beautiful area and village right there in the nation of Israel. I can have seed in the ground. And as you do it, I believe God will bless you, and He will even prosper you more to do more for His kingdom and His name.



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