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July 21, 2019

I Serve a Happy God

We can only reflect the God we see. If you see a mad God, then you will reflect an angry God. The God you see in your mind is the God you will project. Jesus came to show us what God looks like, but far too many people get their ideas about God from other sources. They don’t have an awareness of who God really is. He is not sad, mad, boring and condemning. He came to give us life and life more abundantly!


If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

—Matthew 7:11


Key Points

  1. Our God is a joyful God. When people go to church they should see happy people. No man or circumstance can take your joy. Our joy does not come from what we have or don’t have, it comes in knowing Jesus. The joy of the Lord is your STRENGTH!
  2. Our God is not an angry God. People blame crisis and disease and weather on God, but these are the result of the sin that entered the world in the Book of Genesis. Pharisees reflect an angry God. People who only have religion and not relationship reflect a list of rules and policies, but not the love of God.
  3. Our God is a musical God. The Bible says, “Rejoice in the Lord always.” He loves an atmosphere of praise and worship and joy.
  4. Our God is not a subject to study, rather He is a person to have a relationship with. The Pharisees were all about policy. He is not a God that is just waiting for us to mess up. Legalism does not win people to the Lord—relationship does. Religious people are always mad because all they see is a judge with a gavel. No relationship = only policy and policing.
  5. Our God is a good God. He is for you, not against you! He is not out creating tragedy; sin does that. Jesus came to offer a better way. God wants the best things for you.
  6. God is good at being God. It is a decision to praise the Lord. Everything He created, He also saw that it was good. God never has an identity crisis. He fears no man. He is God and He knows it.
  7. Our God came to be your Friend. He is not angry with you. He came to declare abundance over your life. Jesus loved to eat together with his friends.
  8. Our God is slow to anger. We think because He is slow to anger, He approves of our behavior. For our sakes and because He loves you, He is slow to anger. If you are in sin now—STOP—before it’s too late.


Final Thoughts

What are you reflecting? Do others see a happy God reflected in you, or an angry and judgmental God? We are a happy church because we serve a happy God. Our joy is not of this world. We serve a happy God who came to make friends. Even communion is a coming together of family and friends to remember Jesus. Even after all you have been through, the Lord stands ready to bring you joy. Are you reflecting anger, guilt, or indifference? Or are you reflecting the joy of the Lord? Walk with the Lord today. Hang out with Jesus today. The God that you see will be the God you reflect. You serve a happy God that wants to be your friend. If you have not known Him as Lord, you can today. Reach for it by simply asking Him to come in to your heart.


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