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Guilt-Free Living

November 24, 2019

“Even if our heart condemns us, God is bigger than our heart, and He knows all things.” Don’t give up or think you are disqualified because of something you have done. This is an encouragement for all of us because we all fall short of the glory of God. We all sin and we all experience failure. But God, even when you are falling short, stands with grace and mercy and forgiveness for you. Grace is on the way and grace is bigger than your sin.


Key Scriptures

I John 3:20-23; Jeremiah 17:9; Romans 5:8; John 21:3-6, 17


Key Points


1. God does not love you any less because you have sinned. When your heart says you have done wrong, your head goes down. But God comes along to tell you that there is hope and forgiveness for you.


2. Jesus does not love you just because you are saved. God loved you even before you knew Him.


3. God doesn’t disown you when you mess up. He is a loving Father that loves to restore and forgive.


4. Confidence comes from the heart of God, not because of anything we have done. We think if we are perfect we can have greater confidence and access, but we have confidence and access because of Who He is, not because of our good behavior or our deeds.


5. God’s approval is not predicated by your performance. The blood covers you, not your good behavior. The power is from the cross, not from your deeds. God won’t drop you just because you dropped the ball.


6. Conviction is from the Lord, but condemnation is from the devil. Conviction is a good thing and one of the things the Holy Spirit does. Condemnation always comes from the enemy.


7. God is greater than what my heart tells me. The heart feels the weight of our sin and wants to carry it, while Jesus is telling you to give it to him.


8. Condemnation disqualifies, but the blood of Jesus says, “forgiven!” Lean on the blood of Jesus and not the strength of your flesh.


9. Don’t give in to the lie of condemnation; it will make you quit. Too many people are watching you to see how you respond to failure. Don’t give in and don’t give up!


10. Jesus is telling you to try again—don’t give up—try again. The message of Jesus is the message Jesus had for Peter after He rose from the dead. Peter’s heart condemned him, but Jesus forgave.


11. Jesus only asks you if you love Him. Peter’s heart condemned him, but Jesus’ only asked one question: “Do you love me Peter?” Jesus knows all things and He is greater than your heart.


12. Freedom is yours for the asking. After Jesus forgives, guilt-free living can be yours. Satan wants you dead and wounded by your sin, but Jesus wants to set you free. Freedom is yours.


Final Thoughts

Jesus knows all things. He knows what you CAN be and what you SHALL be, and you don’t need to run for God. He stands with a simple message: try again. If God can do it for anybody, He can do it for you, too! You know the deed you did, but the Lord knows your true heart. When your heart is overwhelmed, ask to be led to the Rock. Run to the Rock! 

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