Connection Questions

May 25, 2018

Don't Call This Common

Key Scripture:

Acts 10:13-15; Romans 6:13



What the Lord has called cleansed you must not call common. When God moves, don’t let it become common. Allow the Lord to remind you of all the mountains and valleys the Lord has brought you through. Don’t dare call those things common. 


Key Points:

  1. The precious blood of Jesus is not common. Your salvation is not a “common” thing. Don’t lose the wonder of your salvation. Our Gospel is not common.


QuestionDo you find yourself taking your salvation for granted?


  1. Our Bible is not common. God’s Word was given in extraordinary ways. People have died to preserve the Bible throughout the ages.


Question- Total honesty here: How often do you read your Bible? How often do you WISH you read your Bible?  What is stopping you?


  1. Our faith is not common. Our faith costs us something and it was purchased at a great price.
  2. Our church is not common and neither is the fact the you are here. God led you to the church you attend. Never call this common. 
  3. When we start a new campus it is not common. Every campus we have been given came through a miracle. 
  4. The things God has given you such as your home and your provision is not common. 


Question: Total honesty here: Are you a grateful person? Do your lips profess gratitude all week? Do you enter each day thanking God for all that you DO have? Could you do this better? Could you possibly embrace a lifestyle change of gratitude? Should you?


  1. The health that you have is not common. Many of us could have died, but we are still here. If the Lord healed you before, that is not common. Time should not make your praise and thanksgiving for that healing lessen
  2. The children God gave you are not common.
  3. The job you have is not common. You should give gratitude for the job you have. What you have is a gift from God.
  4. The church God has given you, your house of worship, is a great gift. Do not call that common. 
  5. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is not common and should never be taken for granted.
  6. Your worship is not a common thing. 
  7. The dreams God has given you are not common. Those dreams are God-given and should be seem as divinely appointed. 
  8. The favor of God is not common. God opens doors for you and God makes a way for you all of the time. Be grateful!
  9. The spouse God gave you is not common. He knew exactly who you would need. 


Final Thoughts:

Get saved and never get over it. Don’t let the greatness of Christ in your life become common. Don’t lose the wonder of your faith and the things God has given you. All God has given you is not common…it is all a gift from God. Out appreciation needs to increase with time and not decrease. We are to live as if God has raised us from the dead. You WERE dead in your trespasses and your sins…but God raised you from the dead and gave you new life.


God has brought us through many valleys and time should not erase the miracles God has done for you. Come out of the Sunday as usual spirit. There is nothing common about the path you have walked and the power of God through all of it. God has been good to you. Praise Him for that! You have been given an uncommon life to offer an uncommon praise.