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December 17, 2017

Break Up, Break Out, Break Through


There are three seeds you need to sow into your heart for breakthrough.


  1. You need a break up of the fallowed, hardened, unfruitful ground in your life.  The fallow ground has to do with ground that was once fruitful.  Ground that once produced the fruits of the spirit.  Love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness.  At one time, you had a walk with God.  But what happens is that place has become hardened by the cares of life.  By things.  Other things taking the priority.


You used to have a prayer life.  You used to love God.  You used to be excited about church and a passionate thing for the Word of God.  But old ways can become hardened in our hearts when left unattended.  



  • Are there things you used to do faithfully that you no longer do on a regular basis?

  • Are there parts of your spiritual life that have gone fallow?


  1. You need a break out.  What are we going to break out of?  Break out of self-imposed limitations.  Break out of your own inferiorities.  Break out of your imprisoning past.  Break out of all the garbage and the baggage of yesterday.  Break out of the depression and self-defeating mentality that has held you back.  Here’s a big one: Break out of people’s appraisal and opinion of you.  See yourself the way God sees you, and do things that others would never believe you could do because God believes in you more than they do.  



  • What is your greatest limiting, recurring thought that you have thought for too long?

  • What are some things you need to start speaking over your life in place of those limiting thoughts?

  • Does other people’s opinions and appraisal of you create stress or anxiety in your life?

  • Should it?

  1. You need a breakthrough. These were mighty men, and they broke through the front line of the Philistines.  The well was on the other side of the front line, and three mighty men broke through.  And what did they get?  They got water and they took it and brought it back to David, their king.


Breakthrough has to do with the enemy’s lines, but you can’t get a breakthrough against the enemy until you get a break out in the church.  I hope miracles break out.  I hope the Book of Acts breaks out.   Why don’t you believe that God can do something that you’ve never seen before?



  • What or where, specifically, do you need the greatest breakthrough in your life?

  • Is there a miracle you need right now? Tell Him. Ask Him.


Final Thoughts:

Break up is individual.  The breaking out is together corporately.  A holy break out.  And then there is the breakthrough of the enemy’s front lines.  You have to have a break out mentality to go to the next level in your walk with the Lord. There is an amazing call on the life of everyone who is reading this, and you are one break through away from seeing the Lord take you where you have never been before.  


We don’t have to be normal.  We don’t have to be satisfied with how it’s always been done.  Are you memory-driven or vision-driven?  It’s time to take the lid off the top and see how high you can fly.


Scripture References:

Hosea 10:12; Micah 2:12; Matthew 6:19; Micah 2:13; 2 Samuel 23:15-16


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