Connection Questions

October 26, 2018

Beyond These Walls Studio


Mark 1:17; Acts 10:19; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8.



Wherever we may live, we all are surrounded by people in need. People need to know where they can find peace and joy. They need to know they can be forgiven of their sin. They need to know Jesus loves them passionately, just as they are, and He has a plan for their lives. It’s our job to take that message everywhere we go and share it with everyone we meet…



Key Points

  1. Jesus ministered everywhere He went, not just at church.
  2. We are in constant contact with people who need to know about Jesus.
  3. We sometimes become “ingrown” and fail to share Jesus with others.
  4. It’s important to stretch and reach in order to spread the Gospel throughout the world.
  5. Our mission is to grab every opportunity to reach beyond the walls of the church with the message of Jesus.



Connection Questions

  1. What does “beyond these walls” mean to you? 
  2. What is could you do to reach beyond your comfort zone to share Jesus?
  3. How did Jesus’s life model the concept of “reaching beyond these walls?”
  4. Do you feel you have become “ingrown,” too focused on what happens at church and not focused enough on ministering outside the walls? If so, what is one thing you can do today to change that?
  5. What problems or difficulties have you experienced in your life that you could use to minister to someone else?


Final Thoughts


Have you ever felt you were in a spiritual “rut?” If following Jesus has become boring, it may be because you aren’t reaching beyond the walls to minister to people in the real world—people with real hurts, real needs, and real problems. When you look for opportunities to share Jesus with the people who cross your path, you find your joy, your purpose, and you step into your destiny.