Connection Questions

September 14, 2018

Beyond These Walls


Genesis 49:22-26; Mark 16:15; John 7:38.





In Jacob’s prophetic blessing of his sons, Joseph’s generosity in reaching out to others resulted in an increased blessing. Jacob said Joseph was like someone who planted a walled garden next to a well, and let the vines run over the walls to help others nearby. For us today, the well represents the Living Water of Jesus Christ. We, too, receive an increased blessing when we share our blessings with those outside our walls—those we encounter who need the grace of God in their lives.


Key Points


  1. On his deathbed, Jacob prophesied that Joseph would be like a garden planted inside a wall with lush plants that grow beyond the walls.
  2. Jacob pronounced a greater blessing on Joseph than Joseph’s brothers because Joseph shared his blessings with others.
  3. The well in Joseph’s garden represents the Living Water—Jesus Christ.
  4. Just as Joseph shared the fruit of his garden beyond his walls, we must share the blessings of Jesus beyond our walls.
  5. There is more to being a Christian than just going to church. 
  6. The Great Commission instructs us to go beyond the walls and share the Good News with everyone.


Connection Questions


  1. In Joseph’s prophetic blessing, what do you think the walls, the well, and the vines represent? 


  1. Restate the Great Commission (Mark 16:15) in your own words. What can you do to help reach the world with the Gospel?


  1. What are some ways Christians can share the love of Jesus with people outside the church walls? 


  1. In Luke 6:38, God promises blessings in proportion to how much we give. How much of your time, talent, and treasure are you giving to serve others? What is one step you can take to improve?


  1. What are some things that prevent you from sharing Jesus with others? Ask God to help you be bold in His service.


Final Thoughts


Jesus Himself spent time with sinners and with outcasts. He cared about them, and felt compassion for them. Because Jesus loved people, He longed to see the broken healed and the fallen restored. It’s not surprising that He instructed us to love and serve the fallen, broken, and outcast. God pours His love into our lives so we can pour it out on others. God’s love pouring out through us can reach beyond the walls of our own home and the walls of the church to reach every part of the earth.