Connection Questions

Beware Of The Traveler

July 6, 2018



2 Samuel 11:1-27; 2 Samuel 12:1-13; James 1:14-16; 2 Corinthians 10:5; Romans 8:6; Philippians 4:8.




Nathan told David a parable about a rich man with thousands of sheep and a poor man with one beloved ewe lamb. When a traveler came by, the rich man was too stingy to kill one of his own sheep to feed the traveler. Instead, he stole the poor man’s pet lamb, killed it and fed it to the traveler. The traveler in the story represents the sinful, tempting thoughts that enter our minds. If we continuously think about our wrong desires, we eventually act on them. To keep from sinning, we must continuously monitor and guard our thoughts.


Key Points


  1. Every action begins with a thought in someone’s mind.
  2. Pure thoughts result in pure actions. Impure thoughts result in impure actions.
  3. It’s not a sin to be tempted, but we must turn our thoughts away from the temptation.
  4. A mind controlled by our sinful nature leads to death, but a mind controlled by the Spirit leads to life and peace.
  5. Our biggest battleground is the battle to control our thinking.


Connection Questions


  1. If you were a friend of King David, what advice would you have given him after he saw Bathsheba bathing?


  1. What are the three steps to destruction?


  1. What negative or tempting thoughts do you struggle with most often?


  1. What can you do to better bring your thoughts into captivity to Christ?


  1. Why is the mind our most important battleground?


Final Thoughts


David lost the battle to control his mind and it caused trouble in his life and his family for years to come. He could have avoided so much sin, death, and destruction if he would have turned away from the tempting thought when it first entered his mind. Imagine replacing sin with righteousness, death with life, and destruction with restoration. Where are your thoughts taking you?


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account_circle Okenna Chinenye Juliet

Thanks a lot for this. In response to this mind and thought struggles,i just have this to contribute. According to proverbs 4:18-20 The scripture talks about the gates of our mind, our mind is the seat of our thoughts. Whatever controls your mind, controls your life. These gates are the eyes, ears, mouth even the skin. Everything we see, hear and feel enters our mind and form our thoughts. So whatever we focus our eyes and ears on automatically form a pattern of thought. We can call it perception and it controls the way we reason... This is how depression starts and every other sin. To conquer sin or depression, you must learn to focus your gates of the mind on the word of God. The word of God must be all you see, all you hear and all you say. This must be a daily, intentional and a deliberate practice. You will find out that at the long run, the word of God will fill your mind and your life as well. You will also notice that depression and sin will be far from you and as your study and prayer life grows, The presence of Jesus Christ will abide with you. Shalom.

account_circle Scott Strickland

i have been walking with Jesus for the last 9 years .. I dont quit understand how to do this take thoughts captive...i know the verses, i repeat them with faith as best as i know how some things have got better but im tired and frustrated... there has to be more to life than just rebuking the devil 24/ ready for peace that passes all understanding im ready for a breakthrough.. I went through a couple years of deression and anxiety.. sometimes side effects try to slip in.. im on no meds, i cant take that ungodly stuff.. i have depended on God the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to get through... He Has gotten me through.. it has not been easy..i am not complaining but attempting to praise.. sometimes our battles are long and hard, sometimes we think it may be over and something else comes in.. another thought , worse than before.. JESUS IS MY LORD REGARDLESS OF WHAT MY THOUGHTS TRY TO TELL SOMETIMES. i will walk by the spirit.. my mind and my emotions must come under the authority of my born again spirit... my attitude isnt always great, its not great right now.. i have to be living and walking by the power of God and faith ...cause if not i wouldnt be walking