Connection Questions

February 23, 2018

Begging for the Body of Christ

If you love Jesus, you will become passionate about His church.


Question: Are you passionate for your church?


Key Points about Joseph of Arimathea:

  1. He was wealthy. God does not oppose you having good things, so long as they don’t have you. Joseph was rich and a disciple and He did what He was able to do because of his wealth and status, and he leveraged his wealth and status to honor and serve Jesus.
  2. He had influence. He was able to use his influence to obtain the body of Christ.
  3. He was willing to beg for the Body of Christ. Scripture says he BEGGED to be involved with the Body of Christ. We take being a part of the Body of Christ- the church- for granted.
  4. He knew his wealth was from God. Because he knew where his wealth came from, he lived a life of gratitude and a deep desire to show and prove his love for Jesus.


Question: Do you connect your wealth on earth to God’s provision or al from the work of your hands?


  1. He wanted the Body of Christ in his city. He knew how important the church is in a city.
  2. He understood the need for clean hands. He put clean linen on the Body of Christ. He knew the life he lived all week long mattered.
  3. He placed the Body of Christ in a position of revival---to move from death back to life again.
  4. He laid Jesus in his own tomb. He gave his own place to the body of Christ. He could have spent that money on himself but instead chose to give it to Jesus. God is no man’s debtor. If He says do something, then do it.
  5. He had hewed out a flinty rock.  This was a very difficult task. There is nothing easy about starting a new church campus, be He deserves our very best. Serving God may not be easy, but it is right and it is good to do.
  6. Joseph’s sacrifice provided a place where the highest and the lowest are welcome. There was Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus…the highest and the lowest and the place Jesus provides is the place where all are welcome. It is the GOSPEL that does the changing and the converting. We all walk into God’s house under one Name…JESUS!


Question: Are you willing to beg for the Body of Christ?


Final Thoughts:

Beg for the Body of Christ and your role in that…right where you are. Beg to be a part of the Body of Christ! Beg for the Body of Christ for your city! Beg for the Body of Christ in your family!  Beg for the Body of Christ in your nation. And beg for the Body of Christ in your life! Intercede. Give like you have never given before. And Beg for the Body of Christ.



Matthew 27:57-61