Connection Questions

Be Made Whole

October 20, 2017

Being a Leper had physical ramifications and was used to represent spiritual examples of spiritual issues. You are walking around and going through the motions of your life, but you are dying. You can cover up sin for a while, but eventually it will get into your walk and into your talk and it will get a hold of your thinking…and then you are really in trouble. Isolation sets in as you withdraw from the people of God and seek comfort with others struggling with the same.


But God!! The Great Physician comes along with a cure…just like He did for those with physical leprosy. There is a cure for your sinful condition and that cure is Jesus. Leper worship is when you don’t try to hide your leprosy any longer, but you praise God because of all He IS and all He can do!


Connection Questions

  1. Can you relate to the spiritual leprosy that is described above? Can you remember something you were struggling with that God delivered you from?
  2. Are you willing to thank God publically, like that one who turned back did?
  3. Are you open to THAT kind of blessing?
  4. When you go through things is your first instinct to think and worry and strive…or is it to worship?
  5. Rate your private worship life on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being powerful and intimate worship and 0 being none at all. What would it take to move your daily and weekly worship closer to a 10?



All of us go through things. All of us struggle with sin. None of us are above temptation. But praise God we have hope! We serve a God who provided forgiveness for our sin and the miracle of mercy and grace. Sometimes sin gets hold of us to the point we begin to wear it like a leper carries leprosy. When you struggle with what comes against you … worship. He can restore you! He can make you whole again. Call out His name! God stands ready to heal and forgive. You don’t have to live like what you’ve been through. Get your worship back. Praise Him. He will be with you in the fire.


Scripture Reference

Luke 17:12-19

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