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October 13, 2017

And Then Some

In Genesis, through the story of Rebekah, we see the extraordinary outcome for a woman who did what was expected ... and then some. There was a law of hospitality, but she went beyond the normal and above the average of what was asked. God sees the extra effort. God sees the extra love and the service you did not have to perform. God sees the Bible study, the prayers, and the worship. We want to do what is expected and move on, but it’s the extra effort that brings breakthrough. There’s no traffic jam on the extra mile.


The Secret to Long Life and Success Key Points

  1. Career Satisfaction: People who enjoy what they do live longer.
  2. Do what you would do for nothing, get good at it, and people will pay you to do it.


Connection Questions

  1. If you knew you could not fail, what would you attempt?
  2. Is there a gift you have neglected or put down that you would be willing to let the Lord use again?


The Most Important Key…And Then Some

  1. Extra effort brings extra rewards.
  2. Don’t do average…do extra in the daily comings and goings of life---at work, at home, and in your relationships.
  3. We don’t labor as unto man, we labor as unto God. God sees and God is the rewarder of the extra.
  4. We won’t win the world with minimum effort. Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort.
  5. Successful marriages are “and then some” marriages. There is no 50-50, there is only 100-100…and then some. Divorce does not happen when partners are doing extra for each other.
  6. “And then some” employees attract extraordinary reward, influence, and impact. When the top producer has something to say, people listen.


Connection Questions

  1. Are you an “and then some” employee where you work?
  2. Are you an “and then some” husband or wife? 3. If there was one area you would like to improve in your walk with Christ, what would it be?



God is watching you. Scripture says in Matthew 5:41, “if a soldier compels you to carry his pack one mile, carry it two.” Do what is expected…and then some. Perhaps the greatest tool to reach the lost is an “and then some” spirit. Jesus is the model for “and then some.” This spirit is attractive and will draw people to the God of, “and then some.”


Scripture References

Genesis 24:18-20


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