Connection Questions

November 30, 2018


Acts 27:29; Jeremiah 1:5; Joshua 1:7-9; Hebrews 6:19.

Anchors are important to keep boats safe and on course. Spiritual anchors are important in our lives to keep our faith strong and our path straight. When our spiritual anchors are in place, we may go through storms, but they don’t destroy us. Instead, they strengthen us.

Key Points
1.    At some point in our lives, everyone faces storms.
2.    During a storm, anchors can make the difference between victory or destruction.
3.    These four anchors are vital: purpose, courage, worship, and church.
4.    God is a firm and secure anchor through every storm of life.

Connection Questions
1.    What is your first reaction when you receive bad news or face a difficult situation?
2.    How does knowing you were created for a divine purpose change your attitude during adversity?
3.    Worship is for more than just Sunday morning. What are some ways you can add worship into your everyday life?
4.    What are three benefits to being involved in a local church?
5.    Which of the four anchors—purpose, courage, worship and church—do you most need to work on? What is something you can do to improve?

Final Thoughts 
Life’s storms can frighten us to the core. We are tempted to look at our circumstances with our natural eyes and to give into our fear. But when storms arise in our lives, we have a choice. Will we tremble in fear and give up? Or will we trust our anchor and face the storm with faith and peace?