Connection Questions

January 5, 2019

A Thousand Times More

Deuteronomy 1:11; 1 Samuel 15:17; Matthew 23:12.

A spirit of pride makes it impossible for God to use us. He uses and exalts us when we are humble. Fasting in the beginning of a new year focuses our hearts on Jesus and reminds us of our dependency on Him. If 2019 is to be the year of a thousand times more, it must start with humility and a heart focused on God.

Key Points
1.    This new year—2019—is going to be the year of a thousand times more.
2.    Everyone is invited to join together and start 2019 with a 21-day fast.
3.    Fasting humbles us and focuses our hearts on Jesus.
4.    When Saul was humble, God exalted him. When Saul was prideful, God could no longer use him.
5.    A thousand times more is impossible through our own ability. It can only happen through the sufficiency of God.

Connection Questions
1.    What would “a thousand times more” in 2019 look like in your life?
2.    Describe a “Daniel Fast” in your own words. (For more information on a Daniel Fast, click here: 
3.    What is the meaning of Mount Mizpah? What is the meaning of Mount Gilboa? Why are these names significant?
4.    Why is humility essential to our walk with God?
5.    How does fasting help us with humility?

Final Thoughts
Everyone has two choices: We can humble ourselves so God can exalt us for His glory. Or, we can exalt ourselves and God will humble us. Fasting helps us become humble and focused on the greatness of our God. When we choose to fast, we choose to humble ourselves so God can exalt us.