Connection Questions

November 16, 2018

A Spirit of Excellence


Daniel 6:1-4

Daniel rose above difficult circumstances because of his spirit of excellence. His integrity, meticulous attention to his work, and dedicated spiritual life distinguished him from those around him and brought glory to God. Although his peers were determined to destroy him by finding fault in his life, they found nothing to use against him. A spirit of excellence impacts every aspect of our lives and brings glory to God’s kingdom.

Key Points
1.    Daniel was captured and brought to the idol-worshipping kingdom of Babylon.
2.    Daniel served with a spirit of excellence and rose to a position of prominence.
3.    A spirit of excellence distinguishes us from those around us.
4.    Every aspect of our lives should be affected by our spirit of excellence.
5.    Integrity and character are vital to our work in the Kingdom of God.

Connection Questions
1.    In what ways did Daniel’s life change in Babylon?
2.    What does a “spirit of excellence” mean to you?
3.    Why do we sometimes settle for mediocrity rather than strive for excellence?
4.    What areas of our lives should be impacted by a spirit of excellence?
5.    How does Daniel’s life inspire you to make changes in your life?

Final Thoughts
Humans tend to be creatures of habit. We default to what we are used to, what comes easy for us, and what makes us comfortable. Unfortunately, that course often leads to mediocrity and keeps us from fulfilling our potential. God has something better in mind for us, and it starts with a spirit of excellence.