Connection Questions

A God-Possessed Generation

June 15, 2018



1 Samuel 1:1-28




Elkanah lived in a time of apostasy, immorality, and corruption. He experienced dysfunction in his family. But he was “God-possessed,” complete sold out to God. Because of Elkanah’s obedience and commitment to God, his barren wife, Hannah, had a son named Samuel. Samuel became a priest and a prophet. He was anointed to turn the nation back to God. One person who is completely surrendered to God can impact the world in astounding ways.


Key Points 

  1. Elkanah was a devout servant of God. He was God-possessed.
  2. Through his dedication and obedience, his wife, Hannah, who had been barren, miraculously bore a son.
  3. The son, Samuel, was dedicated to God and raised in the temple.
  4. The temple was corrupt and the nation was had turned away from God.
  5. Samuel was God-possessed. He was used to turn the temple and the nation back to God.
  6. Hannah’s miracle and Samuel’s anointing sprang from Elkanah being God-possessed.


Connection Questions


  1. What does “God-possessed” mean to you?


  1. What areas of your life do you find difficult to surrender wholly to God?


  1. Being God-possessed requires active obedience. What direction is God giving you that you need to obey?


  1. Elkanah went to God’s house even though it had problems. Why is church attendance so important? 


  1. How would your life and your family be impacted if you were God-possessed?



Final Thoughts


The Bible tells us we are not our own because we have been bought at a price (see 1 Cor. 6:19-20). Jesus paid the price and purchased us with His own blood. We are His prized possessions. Yet we often struggle to really live as God’s possessions. We want to make our own decisions. We want to control our lives instead of yielding control to God. We want to choose our own way. But the decision to live a God-possessed life day in and day out is the wisest decision we can make.


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account_circle peggy Long

This is so true and it is hard but i know God is with me each day and he is working in my life to better it and all i know I have to surrender it all to him no matter what and give all to him to work a new in my life to make me what he wants me to be not what i want to be its all in s timing