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The Power of Personal Prophecy

February 23, 2019

1 Timothy 1:18; Mark 10:15; Matthew 11:12; Joshua 24:15; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; Psalm 37:25.

Personal prophecy is an important weapon. Timothy was charged to use the prophecies in his life to wage spiritual warfare. When the enemy attacks us or our families, we fight and win the battle by decreeing God’s prophetic Word. If you’re struggling in the battle, don’t neglect the powerful weapon of personal prophecy.

Key Points
1.    The Bible tells us to use prophecy to wage war against the enemy.
2.    Prophecies are what the Bible or someone in spiritual authority over us says about our future.
3.    Prophecies should be spoken out loud over our lives.
4.    As we speak the prophetic, our thoughts and actions change.
5.    Prophetic words are effective weapons in spiritual warfare.

Connection Questions
1.    Read 1 Timothy 1:18 and restate it in your own words, using your name.
2.    What are some prophetic words that apply to your life and your situation?
3.    How does speaking prophetic words out loud lead to victory?
4.    Are you open to receiving a fresh prophetic word from the Lord? Are you willing to declare the words out loud?
5.    What are three steps you can take today to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts?

Final Thoughts
A prophecy is not about where we are right now. It’s about where we’re going. It’s about the future. God has a destiny for every one of us. He has a destiny for our children and our grandchildren. Our future is bright! We step from where we are to where God wants to take us by thinking and proclaiming the prophetic Word of God. 


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account_circle Tina Lineberry

I am torn with this statement now Pastor Jentezen as we spoke life & prophesied that my great niece on 2.5 years old would beat Brain cancer. We believed Gods word in Mark 11 22-24. I have a text from my niece. It would help if you could shine some light on our pain. I'm angry that I even have to have a stone made. Pray for me bc I'm struggling. I can't get past it Me and momma sat last night and talked and it helps that I’m not the only one that feels angry. Is it bad that I feel like when I pray, whether I believe god will give it to me or not, I won’t get what I prayed for? That’s how I’ve felt. I just can’t wrap my head around mark 11:24. Gods word is true why isn’t addi here ? I just can’t get past it. I’m trying so hard. It’s just crap! That’s how I have felt for a few days and I feel like that horrible to say and feel. I know addi changed lives but why couldn’t she have continued to? Or if she was going to fight so long and lose her fight anyway why let her go through pain? and why even let her get cancer to begin with? She didn’t do anything. Why not give it to me, I was the one that wasn’t living right not her. Or Mikey? I sat and looked at all her pictures and I got angry. I shopped for the kids for valentines and I couldn’t for addi...she has a valentines bow I bought that she never got to wear. I just KNEW and he was healing her here. I even praised him for already doing it. and he didn’t. I spoke mark11:24 and lived by it. I even spoke it to people and said she was healed ON EARTH and god still took her. I know she’s happy where she is he could have healed her and made her happy here. You don’t have to answer these bc I know you don’t have the answers but that’s what runs through my mind. I have prayed until I fall asleep— really just talked to god and asked questions So that being said. I dont know what God wants. I know what I want. Certain doors to open & certain doors to close. God knows what I want but is it what he wants. As I sit in my storm of confusion fasting & praying not seeing the doors open to close a very emotional trap I have been in for years I thought the other person was delivered but not and now stuck in the turmoil yet again. Digging in deep looking for God but where is he. I can make some abrupt decisions like last time & man what a mess. I will not move till I hear from God no matter the pain & emotional state. I will not complain if he is trying to fix him yet again. Anyways. My whole point we dont know Gods plan and what he has our journey to be. I dont want to mess up his plan. I am all Gods his will and not my own. Sorry so long. I am staying connected even through all the ridicule & hoping by the time I finish transformation God will reveal his plan. I cannot speak my life into what I want. If this isnt what you mean please explain and any insight would greatly be appreciated! Thank you & God bless!

account_circle Manuel Godinho

I was dismissed from work suddenly on the 25th of January 2019 with a one month notice. Since then I am on the lookout for work. I work as a Chartered Civil &Structural Engineer. I went to the Manager to ask why all my colleagues were given an increment letter on the 19th December 2018 and in return was issued a termination letter. I wrote to your ministry earlier and phoned and kept a message. Unfortunately I could not speak to any one. Would you have any prophetic word for me please. Regards Jesse

account_circle Paul Willemse

Amen.The impact on a prophetic word on especially our family is immense. Thank you pastor for reminding us on how our walk with God will impact generations to come.

account_circle Stephen Curry

I thought that this was such a powerful message, I sure thank you for what you do.

account_circle Patricia Mayne

This a timely and very anointed message. I'm so grateful for it! When I listened to it, I felt so encouraged and uplifted and was able to speak words of prophecy we've received from the It also encouraged my worship life which has been very weak lately. I definitely need to practice the word of prophecy over our family. I need to have the boldness to do it regardless how I feel. I need to keep on trying keep on speaking revival over our family. There are so many concerns at the moment and answers that we need in various areas of our lives. Thank you again for this powerful message.